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Activities between the Export Department and the R&D Centers of SANVO

We farewell to the late spring and usher in the early summer as an ancient poem goes: “early summer is still refreshing and vernal, the grass has not stopped growing”. In this beautiful season, at the beginning of June 2022, the Export Department held a unique team networking event with the R&D Centers to thank them for their continuous support.

First of all, the Export Department held a monthly barbecue meeting within the department in the morning to review and summarize the work in May. Each business group and back-office support group made reports and summaries around the work progress from their respective positions.

Then, in view of the current complex international situation and severe market challenges, minister yuan summarized and commented on the work in May, and made arrangements for the next stage of work for each business section and each support group.

Business Analysis Report-May

In the afternoon, the R&D Center and the foreign trade department team came to the indoor basketball hall. After a short running warm-up activity, the two sides were divided into 4 groups and played a series of interesting games such as “air relay water bottle passing” and “fruit push-ups”.

 Through team games, the tacit understanding between the two teams has been enhanced, and the two-wheel collaboration between technology and sales has been improved.


Subsequently, the two teams launched a fierce basketball-friendly match. The two sides learned from each other, and the score went up and down alternately.

Basketball-friendly Match

 “Women are not inferior to men”, SANVO also has “Mulan”. Both teams have female players on the court. Look, engineer li (female) of the R&D Center here threw a beautiful 2-pointer, and then manager cao (female) of the export department over there grabbed the rebound.

5 1
Basket Ball Match
Basket Ball Match

The game was full of cheers, no matter which side scored, the sidelines cheered. After 4 quarters of the game, the two sides were evenly matched and it was difficult to tell the winner, so after a short break, overtime continued. After 2 overtimes, the Export Department finally won by a slight advantage of 2 points.

After the basketball game, the Export Department invited the R&D Centers to hold a dinner party in lago wine castle.

At the dinner, minister yuan expressed his gratitude for the technical center and their support and assistance to the Export Department, and made a summary of the whole day’s activities. Then the chief technical engineer – Leo, reviewed the afternoon’s activities and shared the significance of exercise for work and life.

Afterward, everyone toasted and drank, and in the cheers and laughter, we opened our hearts and know each other better. In the spare time of busy and tense work, everyone got the relaxation of body and mind.

SANVO Fine Chemicals Group

Technology is one of the cornerstones of SANVO Fine Chemicals Group’s everlasting business, and it is also a very important wheel of the group’s two-wheel-drive strategy, supporting in the rear. Sales is another driving wheel of the group, running on the front line of the market. Today, as a mature sales team of the sales center, the Export Department is facing the ocean battle and stepping on the waves.

Two-wheel drive, adding “100 million” sales like adding wings to the tiger. We believe that under the strong support of the technical center and the correct guidance of the group, the Export Department will add “100 million” sales as adding wings to the tiger and turn the tide against the wind in 2022.

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