Contact Adhesive in Construction Bonding

You may be confused about what is contact adhesive, and how to use. Now let’s discuss about details of contact adhesive. 

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Contact Adhesive VS Contact Cement

Actually, contact adhesive is contact cement. Read more about what is contact adhesive.


When spread on a surface, it dries by the quick evaporation of a flammable solvent. Like other adhesives, it sticks things together. But it has a unique characteristic no other adhesive shares. For a period of time after it appears to be completely dry and no longer tacky, it will still stick to itself with abandon!


Contact cement is the go-to adhesive for materials that are nonporous. SANVO offers quality contact adhesive,  which perform well in construction bonding.

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With over 30-year of experiences in the construction industry and car care maintenance, SANVO has the capability of offering excellent ODM/OEM services to customize our products, which you can trust-in. Our unique 「customized services」 are especially designed for OEM/ODM customers. We guarantee the time to mass production and make sure the low cost of ownership.

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Applications: Where To Use Contact Adhesive

The contact cement offer users a wide range of possibilities for bonding various materials in Construction.

It is often used in materials with high shear strength, good anti-vibration, perfect sealing performance, good insulation, excellent resistance to strong acid and alkali, high and low temperature resistance, oil – water resistance, aging resistance and so on.

For example, you can bond together carpets, vinyl, leather, cardboard, rubber and various soft materials with this sort of adhesive. Besides. metal and other non-metal materials like aluminum, stainless steel, bricks, ceramics, some plastics, fabrics, glass, mirrors, etc.

How To Use Contact Cement process

Clean the surface to be bonded and roughen it if necessary. Especially if you have used other glues before, be sure to clean it up thoroughly.

2.Apply glue evenly

Apply the glue evenly on the surface to be bonded. Note: The adhesive does not need too much. Otherwise, it will affect the bonding effect.

3.drying glue

The airing time is about 15 minutes.If your touch the glue and feel very sticky, but the fingers will not stick to the glue, the surface is ready.

4.Align and paste

Align the adhesive surface, press it from one side of the adhesive surface to the other side, and use a cork hammer to apply pressure evenly from the center to the edge to drive out the air. The higher the pressure, the more uniform the bonding effect is.


72 hours to reach maximum intensity. 


Where to Buy the Best
Contact Adhesive

SANVO offers high-quality contact adhesiveproducts you need for various uses with high quality and safety.

1.Strong adhesive force, fast hardening and firm gluing, applied on mental or soft materials.


2. No shrinkage or subsidence after curing.


3. After curing, it has good high and low temperature resistance, good waterproof and moisture-proof performance.


4. The construction is convenient and simple, it can replace the construction nails and screws, and the substrate is damage-free.

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