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Rubber Spray Paint

This product is a natural drying rubber coating agent that can quickly change the color of the surface of the car body, wheel hub, car interior and other objects. It's easy to construct and can form a multifunctional protective coating after spraying.

  • Color Black and white background color/fluorescent color/metallic color/chameleon series
  • Content 400ml
  • Package 12pcs/carton
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Features and Benifits

  • Bright and long-lasting color

  • Good texture

  • Waterproof, abrasion resistance

  • Corrosion resistance

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Product Parameters

Product Title Rubber Spray Paint
Main Ingredients Styrene-butadiene copolymer resin, pigment/metal powder/pearl powder/fluorescent powder, solvent oil, ethyl acetate, xylene, DME
Appearance colored liquid, smooth and even paint film
Peelability spray 4 times, and the peeling effect is good after 24h drying
Glossiness Matte effect, consistent with standard board
Surface drying time 10min
Full Drying Time 1h
Spray Rate ≥96%
Spraying area net weight 300g, can spray 0.65㎡ (4 times)
Density(20℃) 0.92~1.05 g/cm3
Construction temperature 15 to 40℃
Recommendations This product is suitable for DIY color change of vehicles, and also suitable for furniture, metal components, painted surfaces, glass, ceramics and other objects that need to be color changed.
Filling ratio Max 85% of the total volume of can
Shelf Life 36 months

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