Engine Degreaser

SANVO Engine Degreaser is a concentrated, solvent-based, degreaser. With the special formulation, it can dissolve oil, clean dust and grime on surface of engine. When we have a clean engine,we can find issues earlier, such as oil leaks. Then we can fix it before the big problem happened.

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  • Fast acting

  • Eliminates grime and deposits

  • Removes engine deposits

  • Dissolve oil

Features and Benefits

  • Clings to surfaces, Penetrates grease and oil

  • Fast acting, No scrubbing required

  • Eliminates baked-on grime and deposits

  • Heavy-duty degreaser removes engine deposits

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Product Parameters

Main component 200# Solvent naphtha,surfactant,water and LPG
Appearance Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Odour Aromatic smell
PH value 7
Specific gravity 0.75~0.80(g/cm³)
Net content 650ml/350g
Can size Φ65×198mm
Standard Packaging 12 cans per carton
Shelf time 2 years (store in room temperature)
Recommend use It is widely used to clean the oil, gum, carbon deposits and other impurities on the surface of the engine to restore the original luster of the engine, pipelines and parts and reduce corrosion

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