Tire Foam Cleaner

SANVO Tire Foam Cleaner produce plenty of foam to provide a protective surface on the tire while cleaning dirty and it does no harm to human being or the environment. Adopts unique brighten factor and formula to bring more lasting brightness to the tire, can restore the original black brightness, prevent the tire colour fading, whitening, yellowing and other conditions, and keep the tire bright.

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  • Cleaning, glazing, protection in one

  • Rich foam

  • Fast and efficient

  • Convenient and quick

Features and Benefits

  • Cleaning, glazing, protection in one

  • Rich foam, fast and efficient

  • Convenient and quick.

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Product Parameters

Main component Solvent naphtha, silicone oil,deionized water and LPG
Appearance White slightly turbid liquid
Odour Light lemon fragrance
PH value 8~11
Specific gravity 0.99~1.00(g/cm³)
Net content 650ml/400g
Can size Φ65×198mm
Standard Packaging 12 cans per carton
Shelf time 3 years (store in room temperature)
Recommend use It is suitable for cleaning the dirt on the surface of the tire, keeping the tire clean, and delaying the cracking and aging of the tire.

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