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Producing the latest fine chemical products, SANVO finds new ways to customize our formula to ensure greater weather resistance, waterproofing, and structural longevity.

Newest Products From SANVO 2021

Expect consistent updates for our product line. SANVO continually studies the latest trends and uses new technology to improve our chemical products.


Aerosol Series

Providing controlled atomization, our aerosol series leaves little waste and delivers speedy application of paint to any surface.

Experienced colorists combine quality-tested chemicals to provide full colors that meet your requirements, ensuring that they are precisely fit for specified uses.

Adhesives & Sealants

As an anti-corrosive alternative to screws, rivets and other bonding tools, our adhesives and sealants possess excellent bonding strength for most surfaces.

Application to numerous industries is achieved through our custom options to guarantee adaptability to most surfaces while retaining the quality of substrates.


Waterproofing & Coating

For improving the longevity of various renovations, end-customers would like to choose our line of quality waterproofing paints and coating that save costs in the long term.

Using high-quality raw materials and chemical mixtures formulated by experts, our coating gives surfaces strong temperature resistance to maintain polished surfaces.

Work With SANVO. Paint Your Future.

We’re proud to bring superior quality paint and coating products, and help facilitate your business in this competitive and promising market.


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